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We are passionate about supporting missionaries who spread the message of love, hope and faith around the world. Through our prayers, financial contributions and partnerships, we are actively involved in various missionary endeavours. 

We invite you to join us in prayer and support for these missionaries as they fulfil their calling to spread the Gospel and make a positive impact on communities worldwide. 

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open doors update

This is a series of posts about the 50 countries in the world where it is the most dangerous to be a Christian.


This is taken from the 2024 World Watch List launched earlier this year in Parliament by the charity Open Doors. This was attended by 98 MP's, including Christina Rees (our local MP), Ian Duncan-Smith, Liam Fox, Chris Grayling, Andrea Leadsom, Esther McVey, Ian Paisley jr, and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

This section will be updated frequently. If you would like to view the full list you can access this via


The country in tenth place is Afghanistan, which had an ancient Christian history up to the 14th century when conquered by the Mongolians. It has subsequently been fought over by Persia, India and Britain. The last church building was destroyed by soldiers in 2010. Following the unseemly American and British withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, the Taliban quickly gained control of the country, and established a strict Islamist regime.

The small Christian population are first generation converts, who face the real risk of the death penalty for apostacy under sharia law, and rejection/violence from their family. When the Taliban took over, they issued a stark warning to all non-Muslims: leave the country, reconvert to Islam, or face execution.

The country has suffered from drought, misgovernment by the Taliban and sanctions from The West. Consequently, it was estimated that by 2023, 90% of the country is impacted by poverty. It has even been reported that people have been reduced to selling their organs and children to raise money to buy food. Women are particularly vulnerable due to gender discrimination.

There are only a small number of Christians in Afghanistan. Ownership of Christian media is very risky and they go to great lengths to keep their faith hidden. Mobile phones are confiscated by the Taliban and searched for Christian material as they seek to identify these secret believers. The most common source of Christian teaching is internet ministries from neighbouring countries.

Afghans who fled to Pakistan in an effort to escape the Taliban, are in danger of deportation back as they are deemed to be illegal immigrants (sound familiar?). If returned to Afghanistan, they face reprisals and violence from the Taliban.

Please go to the Open Doors website for more information, or to order a copy of the Watch List.

Please also ask your MP to support the Private Members Bill to make the Prime Ministers Special Envoy for FoRB into a permanent cabinet post.

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